Past Marcel Moyse Essay Contests


Essay Contest 2016

Masterclass held at NFA Convention – San Diego, CA
Masterclasses with Robert Aitken

Paula Elizabeth Hartsough

Paula Elizabeth Hartsough

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Paula’s winning essay

Essay Contest 2015

Masterclass held at NFA Convention – Washington, DC
Masterclass with Paula Robison and Julia Bogorad Kogan

Eassay Contest 2014

Masterclass held at NFA Convention – Chicago, IL

Masterclass with Carol Wincenc and Judith Mendenhall

“He was the first to have opened the door to the public to give the opportunity to the flute to play as a solo instrument.  He was the first to sing like a great singer, or like a great violinist or cellist. It’s because of him that the flute is so popular.” Jean-Pierre Rampal