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2014 Essay Contest Winner Lauren McNee

Tone Development Through Interpretation The Artistic Legacy of Marcel Moyse Marcel Moyse is a name that evokes connotations of mesmerizing artistry, operatic lyricism, an artist’s palette of colors, and a roundness of sound that is rich with beauty. Most flutists...

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2014 Essay Contest Winner Alaina Clarice

24 Petite Etudes Marcel Moyse’s 24 Little Melodic Etudes provides a learning platform for flutists to open their mind to the possibilities for musical expression. This book has helped me grow as a musician, strengthening my basic fundamentals through short, simple...

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2014 Essay Contest Winner Ashely Mendeke

Tone Development Through Interpretation “You are a beginner every day.” My teacher instilled those words throughout my studies at North Texas. I remember walking to practice, coffee in hand, meditating on objectives for my morning routine. Breathing, posture, tone,...

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