Marcel Moyse Society


Robert Cart – Executive Director
Christine Moulton – Membership Secretary
Craig Johnson – Treasurer
Catherine Hummel – Recording Secretary
Priscilla Holt – Special Projects Coordinator



Board of Directors

Karl Kraber
William Montgomery
Trevor Wye
Carol Wincenc
Francesca Arnone
Julia Bogorad-Kogan
Alan Cox

Advisory Council

Robert Aitken
James Galway
Paula Robison
Barbara Leibundguth
Susan Rotholz
Kathryn Lukas
Judith Mendenhall
Peter Serkin
Peggy Vagts
Michel Debost
Dianne Aitken
Joan Marie Bauman
Jacqueline Hofto
Leone Buyse
Frances Lapp Averitt
September Payne
Dionne Jackson
Nancy Andrew – Founder
David Houston – Executive Director (2012-2022)




“Music is language, the flute is one of its mediums of expression, and when I play I try to convey the impression of laughing, of singing, of talking through the medium of my instrument in a manner almost as direct as that expressed by the human voice.”
Marcel Moyse