Marcel Moyse“Music is language, the flute is one of its mediums of expression, and when I play I try to convey the impression of laughing, of singing, of talking through the medium of my instrument in a manner almost as direct as that expressed by the human voice.” (Marcel Moyse)

Picture of Marcel Moyse “His legato was so perfect that you really weren’t conscious of the fact that he was playing the flute at all.  It was just a sound, and that sound seemed to hang in the air and scintillate.” (G. Gilbert) “Moyse is a character and a man of passion, a passion for beauty and as he likes to say, a passion for music, a passion for the flute to which he has consecrated his life, a passion for teaching…” (Clement) “He was the first to have opened the door to the public to give the opportunity to the flute to play as a solo instrument.  He was the first to sing like a great singer, or like a great violinist or cellist. It’s because of him that the flute is so popular.” (Rampal)

Quotes courtesy of Trevor Wye, taken from his book, MARCEL MOYSE: An Extraordinary Man, a musical biography published by Winzer Press – Iowa.